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Our factory has been developing and manufacturing LEDeo LED lamps since 2009. Manufacturing facilities are located in Nizhny Novgorod on the company’s own area of more than 1 hectare.

Efficient management structure, successful experience in implementing large projects, as well, as qualified engineering and technical staff - all these allow us to offer you a reliable and high-tech solution from the project to the complete and successful task execution.


Our product range:

Various projects on the lighting upgrade were successfully carried out in the oil, gas and chemical industries, the military-industrial complex enterprises, light and heavy industries, infrastructure facilities, various types of transport: air, rail, road and water.


LEDeo plant meets the requirements of GOST ISO 90001-2011 quality management system. All our products pass obligatory, and also voluntary certification in the field of fire safety, hygiene and epidemiology, as well as the compliance to the industry standards "GAZPROMSERT" and others.


Our company is ready to offer LEDeo LED lamps to light your objects together with the energy-efficient solutions and automation system.

- outdoor luminaries

- highway and street luminaires

- waster-resistant and dust-proof luminaires

- office and commercial lighting

- industrial lights

- explosion-proof luminaries

- architectural lighting, lighting heads

- public and household lamps



The complete “ready-to-use” solutions of a single window format allow to obtain high quality results from the investments.


- Technical specification developed together with the customer considers all the necessary Federal law requirements, the operating service requirements, industry and construction standards.


- Electrical and lighting design allows the client to fully visualize the future project in all the details, as well as to get a detailed future costs description.


- Installation supervision ensures compliance with the equipment installation requirements and significantly reduces the execution time.


- Engineering combines a full range of works, creating a single environment for reliable and long-term operation of the installed equipment.


- Commissioning works check the correctness and stability of the object launch and the compliance with the specified requirements.


- Repair works of a third-party LED luminaires help to optimize the costs of the post-warranty maintenance of the existing LED luminaires fleet.


LEDeo LED luminaires are used in the oil, gas and chemical industries, at the military-industrial complex enterprises, light and heavy industry, infrastructure facilities, in various modes of transport: air, rail, road and water.


LED lighting today – is a strong investment in business, a powerful development drive, that gives an evident  result immediately after use. High quality of light, which significantly improves the conditions of workplaces and increases labor efficiency, reduction of power consumption, which makes it possible to put into operation new equipment, quality assurance and service guarantee, - all these give confidence in the right choice and reliable support in solving the lighting system modernization problems


Complex task solution is our priority. Outdoor lighting of inner industrial areas and yards, highway lighting for roads of A and B categories. Industrial lighting for production halls, sheds, warehouses. Lighting of places for cultural leisure time, stadiums, gyms. Social facilities, offices, libraries, archives, shopping centers, catering companies.


Automation and light control is a step towards new opportunities. Use lighting only when You need it with a customized control system. Light only the areas needed where employees work. Control the light flow of the luminaires: reduce the power consumption by the natural light flow consideration. Automate and manage: the management is carried out on the established algorithm based on the data from the lighting presence sensors, as well as on the schedule for work and breaks.


Be one step ahead with the market leaders. The use of the most modern technologies of such LED manufacturers as SAMSUNG, OSRAM and CREE allows to achieve the efficiency of 140 LM/W and even above from a lamp. Mean Well industry's world leader power packs, a wide voltage range of 90-305 AC, 127-431 DC and a warranty of up to 7 years.


Individual solutions. Non-standard solution development for the individual method of fixture installation, different operating temperature, low voltage (low voltage lamps); the possibility of the lamp usage in aggressive environment; the borosilicate glass for the LED lamps.










The high LEDeo LED luminaires localization degree gives high quality level products. Production meets the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011, GOST R 54934-2012 (OHSAS 18001:2007), GOST R ISO 14001-2007, it guarantees the high production culture, environmental responsibility and optimal use of the company's resources.


The manufacturing LEDeo plant includes design Department, engineering center, testing laboratory, SMD line of led modules installation, service. All the 100% of the plant production passes tests, each luminaire is complete and ready for operation.



LEDeo plant meets the ISO quality management system requirements. All the production passes obligatory and also voluntary certification in the field of fire safety, hygiene and epidemiology.


LEDeo LED lamps production uses only high-quality and high-tech components of the Russian and foreign origin. LEDeo luminaires use such market leaders LEDs, as: "SAMSUNG" South Korea, "CREE" US, "OSRAM", Germany.


LEDeo LED lamps use the power supplies with an individual number and barcode that makes it possible to control each production unit release and extend the warranty on LED lamps up to 7 years.

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